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High Security Locks are made of the strongest material. Locks are heavier, screws are thicker, and they often contain other anti-theft measures.


High security keyways are patent protected. This means that there is only one manufacture that can make your key. The manufacture then issues the specific key to a security or locksmith company, like us. So we are the only locksmith in Puerto Rico with this specific keyway and are the only locksmith that can make or copy  key.

Do I really need

High Security Locks?

High security locks are design to provide increased resistance to any type of compromise. They are not completely unbeatable but are designed to make an attack too expensive, noisy or time consuming to attempt. 

Most high security locks use certain designs or characteristics that improve their ability to resist manipulation and forced entry for a given amount of time. Many of these characteristics are pre-requisites for various security ratings.

  • Key Control. Being able to control the creation, distribution, and cutting of keys can greatly increase the security of the keying system for a given lock.

    • Most high security locks have key bows and warding patterns that are patent protected to prevent unauthorized manufacturing.

    • Keys to high security locks also generally require a security card be presented for a locksmith to duplicate keys.

    • Many also require a specialized key cutting machine.

  • Key DiffersHigh security locks offer a very high number of real and theoretical key differs to prevent cross keying and allow for complex master keying configurations.

  • Manipulation Resistance. Almost all high-security locks have components designed to resist manipulation from lockpicking and decoding attacks.

  • Security Pins. These are the most popular example of anti-manipulation components in pin-tumbler locks. Some locks also have components designed to resist impressioning and key bumping.

  • Bump Key Proof. The process of key bumping requires a generic style, modified key that fits into the lock and then can be ‘bumped’ or physically jolted, commonly with a hammer, to manually shoot the internal pins up, freeing the plug to turn.

  • Lock Pick Proof. Prevent physical maneuvering and manipulating the internal workings of the lock. Restrictive keyways make it difficult to insert or work with unintended tools in the keyway.

  • Destructive/Forced Entry Resistance. All high-security locks use strong materials and designs that make them resistant to destructive entry techniques. Steel rods, ball bearings, and hardened materials are common.

  • High Manufacturing Tolerances. Increase components tolerances to provide a manipulation-resistant and functional lock. These also help to increase the number of available component sizes or depths and promote longevity of the lock.

Our High Security Products and Services

The necessity for access control can stem from security, safety and even convenience. We offer a range of High Security Products that provide effective access control for commercial, institutional and residential applications.


We sell, install and service locksets, cylinders, padlocks, lock cases, electromechanical locks and mechanical keys.

Mul-T-Lock® is one of the leading names worldwide in the field of high security products for the protection of man and property for institutions, industrial constructions, offices, vehicles and buildings, both commercial and private.

ASSA Lock® is known for physical Security, Key control, Mortise cylinders, Rim cylinders, Key-in-knob cylinders & Key-in-lever cylinders, High Security Deadbolts, Padlocks and Interchangeable Core.

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