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Many different locks for many different needs


Utility Locks are not so much a specific kind of lock as it is a category of similar locks. These locks secure everything that does not use conventional door locks or padlocks, such as furniture, filing cabinets, mailboxes, even sliding glass doors.

Cam Locks

Cam locks are simple, low-security locks most commonly found on furniture, filing cabinets and mailboxes. They consist of a base and a cam, the base being the part into which the key is inserted and the cam being the tail part that acts as the latch.

Designed for a wide variety of applications: drawers, doors, cabinets, cupboards, mailboxes, access panels, storage boxes, gun racks, tool boxes, chests, cash boxes.

Furniture Locks

Keep all your confidential records, files, and all other valuables secure from theft and burglary. We offer a large selection of wood and metal desk drawer / door locks for your office or home furniture.

File Cabinet Locks

Most File Cabinet Locks are universal and will work within many applications for your office furniture and more.


We also offer File Cabinet Locking Bars designed as an alternative method for locking your file cabinets. The steel bar  is installed onto the file cabinets sides or almost directly in the middle.

Handle Latch Locks

The most common are the T Handle and L Handle types. Commonly used on file cabinets, garage doors, sheds, gate doors, playhouse doors, campers and RV's.

Showcase Sliding Panel Locks

The Ratchet Lock can be adjusted to fit a variety of closing alignments.


The Plunger Lock have a rod that extends out of the back of the lock while it is locked. When unlocked, the lock pops out and retracts the rod into its body. All you have to do to re-secure the lock is press it back down into its shell.

Patio Door Locks

A patio door in a residential home is just as important as the main entry door. We offer various types of Patio Door Locks including Security Locks, Handle Locks, Loop Locks and Lock Pins.

Key Switch Locks

Key Switch Locks are used for elevators, electric locks, access control systems, burglar alarm panels, fire alarm panels and electric & electronic panels.

Cam Locks
Furniture Locks
File Cabinet Locks
Patio Door Locks
Key Switches
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