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Safes are used to store valuable possessions, such as jewelry, currency, guns, important documents or computer data that need protection from theft, fire, flood, tampering, or other perils.

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Specifications for safes include some or all of the following parameters:

  • Fire-resistance

  • Burglar-resistance

  • Type of lock (e.g., combination, key, time lock, electronic locking)

  • Location (e.g., wall safe, floor safe)

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Fire Resistant Safes and Vaults

Fire resistant safes protect contents from high temperatures. They are rated by the amount of time they can withstand fire extreme temperatures, while not exceeding a set internal temperature, usually 350 degrees. Most of these safe models offer between ½ hour and 4 hours of protection.

Burglar Resistant Safes and Vaults

Some safes types are resistant to specific elements. A fireproof safe may not necessarily mean that a safe is also resistant to elements such as water and dust. An environmental resistant safe is specifically designed to be waterproof and can withstand underwater submersion without affecting the valuables inside.

Microwave Safes

Protect important documents and possessions from theft and fire. This security safe comes with a pull out shelf and a dual combination and key lock.


“Microwave” simply refers to the appearance of the safe.

Wall Safes

Wall safes are commonly used to provide hidden protection for valuable documents or jewelry.  This safe can be easily covered with a piece of furniture or a painting to hide it from view.

Floor Safes

An in-floor safe installed in a concrete floor is the most fire resistant. Not all floor safes are watertight and will often fill with water from fire hoses. Everything stored in a fire resistant safe should be placed in double zip lock bags, dry bags or sealed plastic containers.

Jewelry Safes

Jewelry safes are burglary and fire safes made specifically to store jewelry and other miscellaneous valuables. They are typically made with interior jewelry chests of fine woods and fabric liners that come in a range of configurations.

Data-Media Safes

With the growing number of homes and offices using computers, the protection of magnetic media has become extremely critical. The average fire safe is not designed to protect your electronic records. 


Data-Media Safes are designed to meet the additional requirements of protecting magnetic media. 

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Compact Utility Safes

Compact Utility Safes Designed for use in walls, basements, car trunks, and RV’s. Solid steel plate with combination lock.

Depository Safes

if you have a problem with pilferage/cash disappearances, our Depository Safes may be the answer. 


Designed to protect money collection where immediate or continuous deposit is required. Deposit can be made into the safe while the door is locked.  Hopper rotor is built into safe body and cannot be removed to gain access to the safe.


You can choose from the basic single or double door depository to specialized types suited for specific tasks, incluiding Under The Counter Deposit Boxes, Money Chests, and 

Cash Register Depository, where you can safely store register trays or have locked depositories and a separate location for manager’s change supply.

Gun & Pistol Safes

Gun safes come in a wide selection of sizes and styles. You can find options that are small enough for a single pistol or large enough to store up to fifty rifles.

Safe Deposit Box Locks

A safe deposit box is an individually secured container, usually held within a larger safe or bank vault generally located in banks, post offices or other institutions.

We sell and install replacement locks for your safety deposit box. 

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Cash Boxes and Drawers

Used for storing cash, receipts or prescriptions, Cash boxes provide organization and stability of documents, cash and other valuables. These boxes are available with either a traditional lock and key, or a combination lock.

Cash boxes and drawers are ideal for retail stores, homes, schools, and small businesses for securing petty cash in offices, at school fund raisers, athletic events, or at garage sales.

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Safe Deposit Box Locks
Cash Boxes and Drawers
Safe Servicing, Moving and Installation

It is normal for locking mechanisms to wear out over time. Keypads, dials and traditional locks may become jammed or simply won’t open. Our expert locksmiths can repair or replace your dials and digital keypads at an affordable cost. We provide services such as replacing worn out tumblers and assisting you in locating keys or restoring forgotten combination codes.


And if you loose the combination, entry code or key, we can open or crack your safe. Our professional safe technicians are trained on the best and most effective opening procedures:

  • Manipulation. Manipulation it’s a highly specialized method that consists of uncovering the combination through touch or sound, as the majority of safe locks will vibrate or make a sound when the dials are turned in a specific manner.

      Although safe manipulation is very time consuming, it’s by far the                most preferred safe cracking method, because it’s not messy and              leaves no trace of entry, so the safe doesn’t need to be repaired at all        following the task. 

  • Drilling. It consists of drilling a tiny hole into the safe where a precise instrument can then fit through so that the locksmith can visually see how to open the lock. After manipulation, drilling is the most preferred way to open a safe due to the minor repairs that are necessary afterwards and the relative speed of the process.


       However, it’s also worth noting that drilling isn’t quite as easy as it               sounds. Many manufacturers are now safeguarding their safes with           new, advanced interior technology so if the locksmith isn’t familiar               with the lock they are working on, things could get very ugly and                 even more complicated.

  • Scoping. Like drilling, scoping involves drilling a small hole into the safe. However, in this instance, the locksmith will insert a borescope into the hole to get an idea of how to open the lock. This is an ideal option to deploy when the safe has added security measures, such as glass re-lockers or manipulation-proof mechanical locks. Also like drilling, scoping is effective, leaves little mess and is inexpensive to repair.

Safes can be a challenge to move without the right skills and tools. Whether it's a simple move from one side of the room to the other, or a complicated move involving multiple staircases and other obstacles, safe and vault moving is a potentially dangerous and difficult task.


We have a “special team” that specializes in safe moving and safe installation. Our experienced staff can move all kinds of safes without damaging the surrounding walls or flooring. Also we can bolt the safe down into concrete whether in the garage, a closet, wall or floor.

Safe Services
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